Effective April 1, 2013

Hours of visitation to the cemetery shall be from dawn to dusk. There shall be no admittance to the cemetery thereafter. Individuals on the cemetery property after the stipulated time period without written permission from the District will be considered trespassers and will be subject to prosecution.

Banned substances
Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages and non-prescription drugs are not permitted within the cemetery.

Markers, Monuments and Headstones
Temporary metal type grave markers are only allowed for a maximum of 90 days due to the high risk of mower hazard.

The District reserves the right to refuse, or have removed, any marker that has socially unacceptable verbiage and/or markers with verbiage, drawings or other features that detract from the solemn nature of the cemetery or with another persons use of the same.

Monument upkeep is the sole responsibility of the family. Replacement of cracked or decaying monuments will be at the expense of the family. While the District shall keep the grounds and surrounding area maintained, it shall not wash or clean any marker, monument or headstone.

If there is damage to, or theft of, any marker, monument or headstone, the family must bear the cost or submit a claim to their own insurance company or agent. The District does not assume any liability and/or responsibility for any theft or damage to any marker, monument, or headstone or associated vases, flags, ornaments, etc. The replacement of any of the aforementioned items shall be at the expense of the family.

Pot or vase holders in concrete borders are not allowed. Vase holes in granite markers that are accompanied by a vase designed for that monument are allowed. No bordering of any monument with gravel, loose stone, crushed rock, flowers or decoration of any sort will be allowed due to the high risk of mower hazard.

Trees and shrubs
The planting of any type of tree or shrub is prohibited anywhere within the cemetery. Any existing tree or shrub that was purchased by a family and planted prior to the date of these rules and regulations shall be the responsibility of the family. The District shall reserve the right to prune or remove any tree or shrub for safety, mowing, encroachment or aesthetic reasons without the prior permission or concent of the family.

Interment and Plot Requirements
No remains or cremains may be interred in the cemetery without purchasing and receiving a Right of Burial Certificate from the District Secretary.
A single plot may contain only one of the following:
a) one adult body burial or
b) one baby burial or
c) one cremation urn

No plot space shall be reserved or kept vacant without payment.

The District reserves the right to correct mistakes made in the placement of a monument or a grave without the consent of the family although a diligent attempt will be made to contact the family prior to any relocation.

The use of concrete grave box liners and urn liners is mandatory in the cemetery.

Flowers and Decorations
No flowers may be planted around headstones except in monuments with existing vase holes as such plantings would be very vulnerable to mower and lawn trimmer damage.  

Artificial flowers and decorations will be allowed in the cemetery from mid-October through mid-February which is the part of the year when mowing and trimming equipment is not used. Due to the hazard of the wire used in artificial flowers and decorations when mowing and trimming, all such items will be removed by cemetery maintenance personnel.

Fresh-cut flowers and/or potted plants shall be allowed from mid-February through mid-October. As such items begin to wilt or fade, they will be removed by cemetery personnel.

There will be no mowing or watering two days prior to Memorial Day week-end and two days prior to Veterans' Day to ensure that no damage is done to decorations placed for these two days of national respect. All Memorial Day decorations will be removed by cemetery maintenance personnel immediately after the holiday.

The District shall not be responsible for any lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen decorations.

The speed limit within the cemetery is 5 MPH.

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