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Monument Standards

It is fitting and appropriate that each individual, who is interred in the Lynden or Greenwood Cemetery, should be properly memorialized. On the day of interment the funeral home is responsible for placing a temporary marker on the gravesite. It is the policy of Whatcom County Cemetery District 10 that a permanent memorial must be placed on the gravesite within three years of the date of death.

Monument bases
  1. Construction should be of concrete
  2. Recommended thickness of bases is 6" to 8" with a 3" minimum
  3. Bases should extend beyond the monument that is supported by no less than 4" and no more than 6"

  1. Stone monuments should be of a hard substance like granite (hardness rating of 7 to 7.5) as opposed to marble (hardness rate of only 3) which deteriorates more quickly
  2. Monuments of other stone like jade will be considered on a case by case basis
  3. Stone markers should have a thickness of no less than 2"
  4. Bronze markers are acceptable
  5. Wire and metal markers will be permitted only by application in writing to the commissioners and their subsequent approval
  6. Fiberglass and wood monuments will not be permitted
  7. Monuments or statuary made of concrete will not be permitted
  8. Materials not listed in this policy will be considered on a case by case basis by the commissioners upon application in writing

Installation and setting
  1. Upon the receipt of a request to place a monument, one of the commissioners or the sexton shall measure and mark the plot.
  2. The placed monument shall be reviewed by a commissioner and, if changes are deemed necessary because of a deviation from this policy, the monument installer shall be notified in writing to make the appropriate corrections.
  3. The installation of bases and monuments shall be by a firm with experience in this business.

Upright Monuments
   Lynden Cemetery:
  1. Upright monuments are permitted within any area of the cemetery at the present time.

   Greenwood Cemetery:
  1. Upright monuments are permitted within all areas of the cemetery except Area CC, the Urn Garden, where the placement of markers is restricted to those that are flush with the ground.
  2. Upon written application, along with detailed specifications, the commissioners will consider requests for upright monuments on a case by case basis.

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