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In November 1973 an election was held to determine whether or not Whatcom County Cemetery District No. 10 should be formed and to elect commissioners. A majority vote of two-thirds (2/3) was necessary to form the Cemetery District.

One Thousand Eight Fifty Seven (1,857) votes in all were cast; One Thousand Three Hundred Sixty two (1,362) votes were cast in favor of the organization of the Cemetery District; Four Hundred Ninety Five (495) votes were cast against. The proposition passed.

The first Commissioners were elected with the following votes:
Elbert Isom 1,516
Theodore M. Weidkamp 1,504
Paul Hugdahl 1,485

On January 28, 1974 the Board of County Commissioners of Whatcom County, Washington passed a resolution that Whatcom County Cemetery District No. 10 was now a duly organized Cemetery District under the lawss of the State of Washington.

The Board of County Commissioners futher resolved that the three individuals named above were the duly elected Commissioners of Whatcom County Cemetery District No. 10.

The legal description of the boundary of the newly formed Cemetery District was shown in the resolution.

History of the Lynden Cemetery
The Lynden Cemetery is located on the south side of Front Street at Guide Meridian Road, one and one-
half miles west of the Lynden business district. (SW1/4 Sec 19 T40N R3E).  	
"Skqee Mus", by Robert Emmett Hawley, 1945, pg. 189 states "The Lynden Cemetery was started in
1889 by the Masons and Odd Fellows, each owning one-half of the ten acre tract.  The first person buried
was Amanda Bell, August 3, 1890; the second Enoch Hawley, August 17, 1889. . . Between 1875 and 
1889 a number of persons were buried north of Fishtrap Creek and west of 8th Street.  Later they were
reburied in the present Lynden Cemetery.  I think the first one to be buried here was Mrs. Goddell,	 
Mrs. Judson's mother, in Dec. 1881."		 
A map titled "Map of the Lynden Cemetery" dated September 3, 1892 showed the following information:
   DESCRIPTION: Comprises all of the following described tract of land, viz. Commencing at	 
   a point, Thirty feet East of the Guide Meridian, and 746 feet North of the corner of Sections	 
   Nineteen and Thirty in Township Forty North, Range Three East.  W. M. which is the 	 
   initial point of this map		 

	   Thence East 660 feet		 
	   Thence North 660 feet		 
	   Thence West 660 feet		 
	   Thence South 660 feet		 

   to place of beginning.  Comprising four blocks.  Block No. 1 is Reserved for Masonic	 
   Burial Ground.		 
   Size of Lots  11 X 22 feet, except fractional which are as indicated on map.  Walks are	 
   6 feet wide.		 
   Driveways are 18 and 20 feet wide as indicated on map.  The Reserve in Center of Map	 
   is 100 feet in diameter.		 
   DEDICATION: know all men by these presents That Lynden Cemetery Association, a	 
   corporation created by and existing under the Laws of the State of Washingon are the 	 
   owners in fee simple of the Lands comprised in the Map of the Lynden Cemetery, do	 
   hereby declare the same and dedicate for public use forever, for Cemetery purposes,	 
   the Walks and Driveways as platted thereon.		 
   In witness whereof the Lynden Cemetery Association has on this Third day of September	 
   A.D. 1892, caused its corporated seal to be hereto affixed and these presents to be 	 
   signed by W.W. Lawrence its President and attested by J.S. Austin its Secretary.	 
THE LYNDEN CEMETERY ASSOCIATION W.W. Lawrence President SEAL Attested by J.S. Austin Secretary In the presence of Dr. Walter Wilber and G. W. Eaton
The foregoing document was notarized by Eason B. Ebey, Notary Public in and for Washington and residing in Lynden. However, property transactions in 1901 and 1906 seemingly contradict Hawley's statement about the Masons and Odd Fellows each owning one-half of the ten acre tract in 1890 as the cemetery property was not conveyed to the Lynden Masonic Lodge until 1906 as explained in the following property transactions. On July 2, 1906, G. N. Odell, a widower of Whatcom County issued a deed for the consideration of one dollar which corrected an error in a deed executed by him in the year 1901 conveying the cemetery to E. L. Franklin. In the original deed the year read 1891 whereas it should have read 1901. The property was described in the corrected deed as follows: Commencing at a point Thirty (30) Feet East of the Guide Meridian Road, and Forty (40) Rods and Eighty Six (86) Feet North of the corner of Sections Nineteen (19), and Thirty (30), in Township Forty (40) North, of Range Three (3) East; Thence running East Forty (40) Rods; Thence North Forty Rods (40); Thence West Forty (40) rods; Thence South Forty (40) Rods to the place of beginning, containing Ten (10) Acres more or less, and covering the property known as the Lynden Cemetery; Saving and excepting from this conveyance, however Lots 110 and 89, in block Number One of Said Cemetery, and further saving and excepting from this conveyence any and all lots which have been prior to the date hereof sold and conveyed by any of the parties of the first part hereto, for Cemetery purposes. Subsequently, a Warranty Deed dated July 5, 1906 between E. L. Franklin and Jennie Franklin, his wife, of Huntington Beach, California conveyed to the Trustees of the Lynden Lodge A. F. & A. M #56, Lynden, Whatcom County, Washington for the consideration of $800.00 Blocks one (1), two (2) and three (3) in in the Lynden Cemetery, said Lynden Cemetery being described as follows: Beginning at a point 30 ft. east of the Guide Meridian road and 45 rds and three and one-half feet (3 1/2 ft) north of corner common to Secs. 19 and 30 30 Twp. N. R. 3 E. W. M, running thence east 40 rds thence north 40 rds, thence west 40 rds, thence south 40 rds, to place of beginning --- save and excepting from this onveyance any and all lots that have been sold prior to the date of this instrument, also excepting Lots 110 and 189 in Block one (1). The Warranty Deed, signed by E. L. Franklin and Jennie Franklin, was filed for record in the office of the Auditor of Whatcom County, State of Washington, at the request of S.W. Bixby on the 27th day of July A. D. 1906. It was recorded in Volume 81 Deeds, page 570 of the records of Whatcom County and signed by J. A. Miller, Auditor and by Will D. Wallace, Deputy. On June 13, 1974 Lynden Lodge #56, A. F. & A.M., for the consideration of one dollar in hand, paid, conveyed and quitclaimed to Whatcom County Cemetery District No. 10, for cemetery purposes, the following described real estate: The Lynden Cemetery, Except Block 4, as per "Map of the Lynden Cemetery", recorded in volume 5 of Plats, page 1, the the office of the Auditor of Whatcom County Washington. The Quitclaim Deed was signed by Ralph J. Bellingar, John R. Spry and Claude O. Case for Lynden Lodge No. 56 A. F. & A. M. The Lynden Cemetery is the final resting place for many of the prominent early residents of the town including the Judson, Hawley and Tennant families. Phoebe Newton Goodell Judson, who is recognized in historical works and throughout the community as the "Mother of Lynden", is buried in Section 1 (now Area A). On May 18, 2005 the commissioners of Whatcom County Cemetery District 10 designated the grave of Phoebe Judson as a historical site and recognized the Lynden Pioneer Museum as the organization that would oversee the beautification and maintenance of her grave.

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