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Washington Heritage Register

Heritage Register Status

The Lynden Cemetery is the only cemetery in Whatcom County that is listed on the Washington Heritage Register.

The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) is the primary contact for three historic registers (the National Register of Historic Places, the Washington Heritage Register and the Heritage Barn Register) that track Washington's historic and cultural resources.

The National Register of Historic Places is the official federal listing of significant historic, architectural, and archaeological resources. The Washington Heritage Register identifies and documents significant historic and prehistoric resources throughout Washington at the state level. The new Heritage Barn Register was established in May of 2007 and was designed to specifically recognize agricultural resources in the state.

Each register is reviewed for listing by the Washington State Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), which is comprised of citizens knowledgeable in Washington's history, archaeology, and architecture. The nine member board reviews nominations to the registers three times a year, at various locations across the state.

The application by Whatcom County Cemetery District #10 for the Lynden Cemetery, was done "in house."

We tried to describe the history of the city of Lynden as the Lynden Cemetery made its appearance very early in its formation.

There were several inter-marriages of early settlers and local Indian tribe members and some of them are buried in the Lynden Cemetery. Interviews were held with two direct descendants of the tribal members.

Fraternal organizations, like the Masons, Odd Fellows and Woodmen of America, all played a significant role in the early days of the community. The statuary for their members is unusual and is found throughout the cemetery.

Phoebe Judson, recognized as the "Mother of Lynden," and her husband Holden were instrumental in the formation of the city of Lynden. Both are buried in the cemetery.

There are many Civil War veterans, including a Confederate, interred in the cemetery as well as veterans from wars since that epic conflict.

The favorable decision by the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation on the application for the Lynden Cemetery to be included on the Washington Heritage Register was received in March 2014.

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