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Q. How do I make an appointment to discuss the purchase of a cemetery plot?
Call 360-647-4001, leave a message and one of the Commissioners will contact you to discuss available gravesites. You can also send an email to wccem10@gmail.com

Q. Can I make payments on time when I purchase a plot?
That is possible. Contact the Cemetery District to make arrangements.There is a link under Contacts on the website.

Q. What is a Right of Burial Certificate?
It is a document provided by the Cemetery District that shows purchaser, amount paid and plot purchased.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of burials in a plot?
A plot can have 1 casket with 1 urn or the plot can have 2 urns.

Q. How can a permanent memorial (headstone) be ordered?
Families are responsible for the ordering of permanent memorials (headstone) they are required to be installed no later than 3 years after the burial. At the time of burial it is required that the funeral home place a temporary marker on the gravesite until the family provides a permanent memorial.

Q. Do I own the cemetery plot?
When you purchase a gravesite you are purchasing a right of interment, as opposed to actual property. You will receive a Right of Burial Certificate from Whatcom County Cemetery District 10 which is your proof of ownership of this right.

Q. Who cleans our family memorial (headstone)?
Families are the owners of the memorials on their gravesites. As such they are also responsible for the cleaning of the memorials, however there are service groups who do volunteer on occasion to clean the headstones.

Q. Upon my death can my children or other family member use the burial plot for other interments?
Unless you make provisions for the burial plot to be designated to an heir/heirs we will follow the Revised Code of Washington, Title 68, in regard to right of succession.

Q. Can I search the website for an individual interred in the cemetery?
Not at this time.

Q. Who is considered a Veteran?
Anyone who served in the military.

Q. On what days are the big flags flown along the roadways?
New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's birthday, Inauguration Day, George Washington's birthday, Peace Officers Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day & Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Q. What is the significance of the flags and medallions at specific gravesites?
Flags signify that a Veteran is interred and the medallions show the war in which the Veteran served; both are provided by the cemetery.

Q. How can a medallion be ordered?
The medallions are ordered by the Cemetery District upon notification on the application for Right of Burial form that the family completes.

Q. What is the difference between the Urn Garden & the Scatter Garden in the Greenwood Cemetery?
The Urn Garden is where ashes are placed in a vessel and buried in the ground and a Scatter Garden is where ashes are scattered onto the open ground.

Q. Are there plans for a designated area for an urn or scatter garden at the Lynden Cemetery?
Not at this time.

Q. Are both Lynden Cemeteries on Front Street owned by the same group?
The cemetery on the south side of Front Street is a a public cemetery funded thru property taxes & managed by voter approved Commissioners, its official name is Lynden Cemetery; the cemetery on the north side of Front Street is privately owned and its official name is Monumenta Cemetery.

Q. How big is Whatcom County Cemetery District 10?
It encompasses an area of approximately 62 square miles.

Q. How do I know if I live in Whatcom County Cemetery District 10?
On the cemetery website there is a link titled District 10 residents which shows the boundaries of those individuals who live in the district.

Q. Is the City of Lynden in Whatcom County Cemetery District 10?

Q. What is a Heritage Cemetery?
A Heritage Cemetery is one that has been designated as such by the Governor's Council on Archeology and Historic Preservation.

Q. Who are the current cemetery commissioners?
You can find them by going to the link titled Commissioners.

Q. Who manages the Cemeteries?
The Commissioners.

Q. From whom do the cemetery commissioners get their authority?
The State of Washington as described in the Revised Code of Washington 68.52.190

Q. What is a cemetery district?
In the State of Washington it is a municipal corporation that has been empowered to conduct the business of establishing and managing a cemetery.

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